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“The Love Swing is a tool for Love Making”

written by Love Swing inventor, Richard Klor.

inventorThe Love Swing is a tool (a device that replaces the bed) that gives a couple the ability for both to be relaxed.

Imagine a world where physical joy and spiritual faith are on friendlier terms. Where we celebrate the naturalness of sexual pleasure and sexual union is viewed as a way to spiritual liberation.

Through the ages, elders in the tribe gave love making techniques to the young. In our culture it’s taboo to teach love making techniques.

Positions…Positions…Positions are the causes of most couples’ sexual problems. Most women need to have 20-25 minutes of continuous intercourse to be lovingly satisfied. Foreplay is before the 20-25 minutes of continuous intercourse.

Meanwhile, the average male using this position will ejaculate in 3-5 minutes. Sex researchers Masters and Johnson observed this huge time difference. Men in our culture have never been shown how to be good lovers. He comes to his first sexual intercourse unprepared. He knows how to masturbate. But nothing about how to connect in partnership. No part of masturbation prepares him for love-making. In all other learning experiences in his life, like walking, talking, eating, breathing, and even elimination he sees examples and learns by experience. Man enters into the sexual process thinking it is similar to masturbating. He’s confused. He thinks that his ejaculation is all there is to his sexual pleasure, it’s his grand prize.  He thinks that because he can hold back and extend his hard on he is being present. But when he is love dancing he is able to really stay present and be connected to her energy, not just hold back.


In fact, after a few moments of love dancing the very first time he will become aware that his ejaculation is a minor pleasure. If he wants to become aware, he will then experience bliss, fulfillment, satisfaction, and connection with her. He will realize how little he has been getting and what he has been missing. Now he is ready to learn how to be a good lover.

The male ejaculation process might be difficult for a woman to understand. She has no identical experience. There is a great difference between male ejaculation and female ejaculation. She has suffer the bad effects of his coming too quickly. A female needs to be relaxed and feel safe for her to enjoy the pleasure of her ejaculation. The opposite is true for the male, he needs to have his body be in tension for him to ejaculate. Once he experiences being relaxed during lovemaking he can be natural.

Men if you question the above statements do the following:

Stand up and masturbate. Make sure you have no fantasies, don’t think about any woman, think about golf, or tennis, or anything except a woman. Don’t create tension by locking your knees or squeeze your anus. This shows that his body tension and fantasies trigger ejaculation.Women, if your man ends most of your sexual contact with his ejaculation your are missing 99% of what lovemaking is all about.

A lot of women just want the man to hold back his ejaculation. Holding back doesn’t work. Holding back defeats love…there is no awareness in suppressing or holding back. Only remaining relaxed can he make love. He can’t be present and loving, while fighting his own body.

The Problem:

Couples are using sexual position that are stressful.

Women: Pretend you are a man having sex with a woman. Move to the floor and assume the on-top position. Notice what you feel where you feel it in your body as you act out the man’s role. Notice how hard it is for you to breathe, how you support yourself with your arms or elbows so you don’t crush your partner, how tight your back, chest and arms are because you’re holding yourself up.

Men: Lie on your back and pretend to be a woman. Spread your legs open very wide to accommodate an imaginary male partner. Now pretend that your partner is on top of you. Breathe deeply and smile like you are having a good time. Stay present. Don’t laugh. This is the most common position many women experience. Now you know why women are always asking to be on top.

Women if you want quality loving take responsibility for leading your man out of reproductive sex into love dancing.

If you do the following, you and your partner will have at least a 300% improvement of your love making pleasure in the first hour of using the LoveSwing.

Make a date….

The two of you should decide in advance when you are going to make love. It’s the most important event of the day. Be intentional. Have drinking water available (no drugs or alcohol).

Prepare yourselves a warm candlelit bath (no shower). Touch each other as if he/she is your five-month old baby. Don’t rush your passion.

Imagination and fantasy is not part of lovemaking….

While standing, face each other, smile and embrace. (When you are looking over each other’s shoulder or when you close your eyes this is the time when the fantasy/imagines are likely to start.) Keep your eyes open. Kiss on the lips and torso, but no tongue kissing. The tongue can be like an emotional penis. Lovers lose and hide themselves in such kissing.

You must express what you are feeling in your body. When you feel pleasure, say it. “That feels great” if it is. Say what you feel, not what you think. Express yourself in words, with your eyes, hands, and breath.

Most individuals have sex in a subconscious dream state. They drift off, absent from the event. Both have borrowed the other’s vagina or penis to have sex.

If you are chasing an orgasm, you cannot be aware of the feeling of love. If you are a man holding back an ejaculation, you cannot be aware of the feeling of love because all of your intentions are on holding back.

Holding back is not being aware…

Being relaxed keeps you in the moment and no need to hold back. Keep talking while looking into each other’s eyes, be the feeling. Become the part of the body where the pleasure is greatest.

When she invites you into heaven, gently put the penis into the vagina. Everything else is imagination. A loving vagina has no difficulty admitting a loosely full loving penis, which will then become firm and erect for love.

If no love is coming from her, his penis probably cannot get an erection. If she is off dreaming, is emotionally distracted, or sexually demanding. Just keep rocking her in the swing and stay present. Kiss the gates of heaven until it’s dripping with her juices. When a woman is juicy she is relaxed. Only enter a juicy woman.

Women, during the first few minutes make sure that he is love dancing, not pumping (fast in-out movement). Pumping is a form of masturbation. This is the reason the adjustability of the swing is important (unlike a high bed or counter top.) If a man is balancing on his tiptoes tension will build and he will ejaculate very quickly. The dance ends.

Bring your breathing into sync…

Women, lead the man to breath at your pace. Bring your breath into sync with his.

Through a combination of intention, attention, and relaxed physical contact, the breathing patterns of partners are simply allowed to come together. As you connect in unity. The woman will adjust her legs and feet so she can position his penis on her G-spot. Lower the two straps that support the woman’s buttocks by one-inch if needed (While the man is inside her). Her movements otherwise will put the man on his tiptoes. If he continues to balance on his toes, tension will build up and trigger his old masturbation routine that will lead to ejaculation. So it is important to make this adjustment in the position of the swing.

Adjusting the LoveSwing is like tuning a musical instrument.

After the woman is penetrated and the man is at a point of arousal, become completely still, quiet, look into each other’s eyes and feel each other’s energy. Sustained, eye contact. This creates an almost unlimited potential for generating profound changes in your love experience. At first, for some, it might feel awkward. See each other experience the bliss of orgasm.

Hold hands; look into each other’s eyes and breath together…

As the man becomes still and present, the head of the penis acts like a highly sensitized magnet. First it gathers the vaginal tensions then the woman’s divine energies. When a man has gathered the divine energies, the purpose of lovemaking and the man’s erection may resolve inside the vagina without having ejaculated.

Love uses sex as a doorway to the greatest human experience, Paradise on Earth…

The greatest miracle in life is love and the greatest mystery. Love is the source. Love is the mission, so one, who forgets love, misses all. Love, is not a passion, nor a feeling, Love is the most delicate of all energies, subtler than electricity. The very foundation of all energy is Love.

Perhaps you feel that making love this new way is very clinical. You are learning a new dance, and it needs practice. You’re learning to move together, like riding a bicycle built for two.

Practice twice a day forever…