Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I make Love Swings?
What I have learned?
Can the Love Swing be used in any
therapeutic ways?


Why Do I make Love Swings?

My partners encouraged me to experiment. I had a massage table, and enjoyed massaging my women friends and often time we enjoyed sex while I was standing instead of laying on the bed.

I had adjusted the table legs for my leg height. The women enjoyed the prolonged sexual connection and came back for more. We also tried high beds, kitchen tables, any available surface that was close to my standing height. The height was never quite right in these different positions. It was impossible to make height adjustability while being in intercourse. Because I was either on my tip toes or it was too low. Being even one inch off is enough so tension develops causing ejaculation. I knew there had to be something better. A friend suggested a hanging chair.

The first time I used one of my swings I was disappointed because I could not come when I wanted to, I even wanted to get her out of the swing, but my lover said no. She said…just stay here and breath with me. She was one of my greatest love teachers. She helped me to open a new door to awareness. By saying no, she led me into a new world of making love without ejaculating.

I have received a great amount feedback from couples that have love swings.

Stuart Esposito shared, “What I thought was pleasure before the Love Swing was nothing but tension release.”

Most of the women just smile and say, “Thank you, it has changed our love life.”

Even men have shared their love swing experience. Most have said “I can go for as long as she wants and I don’t ejaculate.”

The first couple to use our love swing shared their comments. She said, “I fell asleep afterwards in the swing,” and his comment was, “I could not come when I wanted to.”

What I have learned by using the Love Swing?

Relaxation transforms sex into love. The intimacy of love making is an essential pleasure within the human experience.’

Every couple can be great lovers when love dancing in our Love Swing. Finding ways to enhance this love dance has occupied many early cultures. Tantric and Zen sexual traditions have integrated suspended swings in their mind/body philosophies.

Every male can be a great lover when he is love dancing.

Can the Love Swing
be used in any therapeutic ways?

Yes, it can help when a person has back pain to relieve the stress. It can assist the disabled find the freedom to be in a position to enjoy their partner again.

It also can assist in the birthing experience.