Swing Installation Instructions


The installation of your Swing is very simple and will take only a few minutes with a few common tools.

1) Choose a place that you will enjoy making Love. This can be anywhere in your home next to your bed or in a corner of the bedroom or even the middle of the living or dining room. If you’ll enjoy it there do it!

2) A floor space of about 5 ft by 5 ft is suggested. This allows for a full 360 degree movement.

3) The Swing is designed for 8 to 9 foot ceilings. If your ceiling is over 9 feet you will need a chain to connect to the supplied eye screw and the swings’ “S” hook. The chain should be rated for over 500-pound test.


Tools and Small Items You Will Need for Installation

1) We supply a 40″ PVC spreader bar. If you wish a stronger bar or to widen the swing, you can also use a 1¼” by 60″ metal conduit for the spreader bar. Tape ends of pipe. Any hardware or lumber store should have these inexpensive items.

2) You will also need a drill, a ¼” drill bit, a hammer, 3 light finish nails and a long screwdriver for twisting in the eye screw.



For rafters or joists hidden by plaster or sheet rock.

1) To locate the hidden rafters use your 3 finish nails or a stud finder. It helps to know if the rafters or joist are located 16″ or 24″ apart. You can look in the attic or ceiling crawl space to find out the direction and distance these rafters are apart. One way to locate them, if you don’t have a stud finder, is to tap lightly on the ceiling. Listening to the differences between a hollow sound (no rafter or joist) and a solid, sharper sound (a rafter or a joist). Don’t get discouraged: they’re up there!

2) To make sure you are on the center of the joist or rafter, hammer a small nail at the selected spot. Then hammer a second nail ½” to the left and another ½” to the right of the first one. Make sure all the nails are hitting solid wood. This will give you the center of the rater or joist.

3) Drill a starter hole using your ¼” drill bit half way between the two outside nails. This hole should be about 1½ – 2″ deep.

4) Remove all the nails.

5) Screw in the eye screw all the way. If it is hard to turn this is a good sign! If it turns easily it’s not in solid wood. So try again! When it gets too hard to turn, put the screw driver through the hole in the eye screw and use as a lever to finish turning all the way up to the ceiling.


You can also install your Swing in a room with an open beam ceiling or in an archway. Simply screw the eye screw into the center of a solid beam or the archway. Each offers good support. The Swing can now be attached to the eye screw.

Other Creative Use Options

Using a strong rope, webbing or chain: How about from a tree in the yard or in the forest, or maybe a beam in the garage? How about maybe near your hot tub or pool?