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productPro Love Swing Pro underwent a redesign to make it more comfortable. We’ve transitioned the swing from its original hammock like design to be more like a bed. The back is totally adjustable (3) so you can lie down. The advanced model includes the basic design, plus it comes with all the accessories. This includes the new spreader bars, trapeze bar (2), and foot stirrups (1). The bottom spreader bar (4) now comes with a soft matching sleeve in an attempt to make it more pleasing to the eye! It has a swivel buckle at the top which enables a full 360 degree rotation of the person in the swing. All parts are handmade in the USA. Love Swing is 35 inches (890 mm) wide and 53 inches (1350 mm) in height. Holding capacity is up to 500 pound (227 Kg) when hanging from our stand or a substantial ceiling support.
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old-love-swing The basic model of the Love Swing was originally designed in 1990 and was fashioned after the model of a suspended hammock, with adjustability for the back angle and a height adjustment of 4 feet includes stirrups. This current model is the result of numerous improvements to a succession of earlier models. The constant objective was to enhance the love making experience for couples.
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stand Stand alone support structure is made of 1 ¼”
galvanized steel tubing and is available in two sizes.
It allows the Love Swing to be positioned over either a King size bed or even be set up in the privacy of your own backyard.

  • 80-90″ high with a 78″ footprint this is for over a king size bed, where the footprint is the distance between the legs. Weight: 45 pounds

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Contact to provide desired custom height in inches

swivel This specially designed attachment, which is included with the Love Swing Pro, incorporates a bearing which allows the swing to swivel 360 degrees for a very unique lovemaking experience.$45.00 plus shipping

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